Welcome to the New WorldFranchising.com!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 10:03:46PM PST

By Rob Bond

Welcome. We are pleased (actually just short of ecstatic) to announce that www.WorldFranchising.com, already one of the most popular websites on franchising, has just launched a major update that includes the consolidation of six previously stand-alone websites it managed into the new www.WorldFranchising.com. The following sites are now included as part of the main site:


In addition to the consolidation of these websites, the amount of detailed information provided on each franchisor participating in the site will provide far greater depth and exposure. The expanded features include:

  • A detailed Profile page with roughly 75 fields of unbiased and fact-based information on each company
  • A Top 100 Franchises write-up for exceptional franchisors with greater than 50 operating units
  • A Hottest New Franchises write-up for growing franchises with less than 50 operating units
  • A Veterans tab that allows visitors to discover the benefits participating franchisors extend to veterans
  • A Minorities tab that allows visitors to discover the benefits participating franchisors extend to minorities
  • A Growth tab that shows each franchisor’s operating unit count taken from historical FDDs displayed in an easily understood graphical presentation
  • A More tab that includes articles that we have authored, tweets that we have sent out that are relevant to the franchisor, tweets that the franchisor has published, and YouTube videos that promote the franchisor.

    The overarching objective of the World Franchising Network continues to be to provide the site visitor with enough accurate, in-depth information so that he or she knows a great deal about the franchisor’s business before taking the inquiry to the next step. As such, the World Franchising Network is different from the vast majority of “lead generation” portals. First, we generate meaningful, well-informed leads from multiple sources. In addition to our website, we publish several industry-related books - “How Much Can I Make?”, Bond’s Top 100 Franchises, and Bond’s Hottest New Franchises - as well as several annual surveys for major publications such as USA Today and Forbes.

    The World Franchising Network’s strength is in providing enough meaningful information at the outset so that the prospective franchisee can go directly to the franchisor and start the due diligence process. Our sense is that franchisors want to attract serious buyers, not leads from potential franchisees who don’t know much about the company and who, in fact, may not be well suited for the franchise. By leaving it up to the franchisors to respond to unanswered questions in an expeditious manner, franchisors that don’t respond quickly, follow-up quickly, and who rely on scripted responses rather than meaningful responses, will quickly get dismissed from active consideration.

    We hope that you will spend a few minutes reviewing the new site. If you would like to participate in the World Franchising Network, please click here for our 2014 Media Guide or give us a call at (888) 612-9908.