HomeWell Senior Care

  • HomeWell Senior Care, Inc.
904 West Kramer Road, # C
Burkburnett, TX 76354
  • (800) 354-7553

Founded in 2002 by an experienced caregiver with over twenty years of industry experience, HomeWell is a proven business model that provides each franchisee with the ability to make a positive impact within their community and run a successful business. HomeWell will always remain ahead of the curve in innovative solutions in caregiving. We have developed a comprehensive business model and leading-edge solutions to running a homecare agency. With more than twenty years of experience in this profession and a team of care motivated professionals, we offer insightful and comprehensive training and ongoing support that our franchisees need to both provide exceptional caregiving services and operate a successful and profitable agency. We have built a solid network of franchise offices throughout North America, each one a carefully chosen member of our organization.

Franchisor Background

Year Established: 2002

Franchising Since: 2003

Operating Units

Franchised Units 38 100.0%
Company-Owned Units 0 0.0%
Total Operating Units 38 100%

Geographic Distribution

Canada N/A N/A
International N/A N/A
Total 0 100%

Multi-Unit Operators

Multi-Unit Operators N/A
Franchises Owned by Multi-Unit Operators N/A

North American Unit Density

(no data available)

Registered in the following Registration States

(not registered in any registration states)

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Support and Training

General Information

IFA Member No
CFA Member No
Franchisee Association? Yes, is a member
Size of Corporate Staff N/A
Site Selection
Lease Negotiation Assistance Yes
Financial Assistance Yes, Direct

Marketing Support

Co-Op Advertising No
National Advertising No
Regional Advertising No
Local Advertising No

Ongoing Support

Central Data Processing Included
Central Purchasing Included
Field Operation Evaluation Included
Field Training Included
Initial Store Opening Included
Inventory Control Included
Franchisee Newsletter Included
Regional or National Meetings Included
800 Telephone Hotline Included


(no data available)
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Financial Requirements


Minimum Net Worth N/A
Cash Investment N/A
Total Investment N/A
Average Total Investment N/A


Initial Franchise Fee N/A
Average Franchise Fee N/A
On-Going Royalty N/A
Average Royalty N/A
Advertising Fee N/A

Site Information and Requirements

Average Number of Full-Time Employees N/A
Average Number of Part-Time Employees N/A
Space Needs (in square feet) None
Preferred Site Types N/A
Encourages Conversions Yes
Item 19 (Earnings Claim) Provided? No
Listed in the SBA Registry? No
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Franchisee Qualifications

Financial Net Worth N/A
General Business Experience N/A
Specific Industry Experience N/A
Formal Education N/A
Psychological Profile N/A
Personal Interviews N/A
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Terms of Contract

Term of Initial Contract N/A
Term of Renewal Period N/A
Passive Ownership? Allowed
Area Development
Franchisees Allowed to Expand Within Territory? No
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Expansion Plans

Projected New Units Over Next 12 Months N/A
Canada No
Overseas No
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