Franchise University

Congratulations on taking the first important step into the world of franchising! The worst franchise failures occur due to a lack of thorough research and preparation. By choosing to take our free, online tutorials on various franchising topics, you have already dramatically increased your chances of purchasing a successful franchise.

The first day of school begins now! Our online curriculum here focuses on the various stages of the franchise selection process. We believe there is a strong correlation between the efforts you put into the learning process and the ultimate degree of success you enjoy as a franchisee.

The selection of an optimal franchise is both time- and energy-consuming. Done properly, the process may take 6-9 months and involve the expenditure of several thousand dollars. The difference between a hasty, gut-feel investigation and an exhaustive, well-thought-out investigation may mean the difference between finding a poorly-conceived, or even fraudulent franchise, and an exceptional one.

Stage 1: Research

At the first stage in our Franchising University, you will acquaint yourself with the Research phase of buying a franchise, learning basic franchising concepts and exploring options. Stage 1 is comprised of the following tutorials:

Stage 2: Evaluation

At the next stage, you will be introduced to the observations you should make and the necessary requirements your potential franchise should possess. Stage 2 is comprised of the following tutorials:

Stage 3: Close the Deal

At Stage 3, you are familiarizing yourself with the final steps toward franchise ownership to ensure a fair deal. Stage 3 is comprised of the following tutorial:

Stage 4: Graduation

Upon graduation, the Franchising University will provide you with some lasting words of advice. Stage 4 is comprised of the following tutorials:

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